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Dual-Fuel is fitted onto a standard diesel engine, which operates unchanged, except power is generated by mostly clean natural gas.

A measured quantity of natural gas is mixed with the air just before it enters the cylinder and compressed to the same levels as the diesel engine to maintain efficiency.

The natural gas mixture does not ignite spontaneously under compression, so the Dual-Fuel™ engine uses a small injection of diesel fuel, around 10% of the total energy of the fuel, to ignite the main charge of gas and air. This small "pilot" injection acts like a multitude of microscopic spark-plugs, setting off clean and efficient combustion of the lean gas-air mixture.

Natural gas burns cleaner than diesel due to its inherently low carbon content.

When Natural gas replaces 90% of the diesel through Dual-Fuel™ it can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 25%, yet fuel-efficiency and power remain equivalent to that of the original diesel engine.

Clean Air Power believes that no dedicated natural gas trucks can match a Dual-Fuel™ truck for efficiency and performance.

Dual-Fuel™ Engine Technology Facts:

-Engine runs on natural gas with diesel pilot ignition
-Under normal operating conditions diesel can be as low as 10% of total fuel energy, giving a diesel replacement factor (DRF) of up to 90%
-Runs on 100% diesel fuel until engine coolant is at operating temperature
-Under normal operation, can run solely on diesel at light loads*
-Under normal operation, can run solely on diesel at full power*
-Uses a standard electronically-controlled diesel engine
-Maintains electronic control of both gas and diesel injection
--Base diesel ECU is retained
--Dual-Fuel™ ECU controls gas operation and modifies diesel demand for the diesel engine ECU
-Automatically reverts to diesel only when gas supply is out of acceptable parameters
--Recent introduction of a combustion knock sensor protects the engine from variable gas quality

The operating system in the technology automatically switches the engine from diesel to natural gas when the truck reaches optimal load, making it particularly suited to long haul heavy trucks. Dual-Fuel™ can be turned off at any time, enabling the engine to operate totally on diesel. This switch from diesel, or to dual fuel is almost imperceptible, even while the vehicle is moving.